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Master for Minecraft
Best Minecraft App

The Best Minecraft Application, giving you full control over your Minecraft Pocket Edition experience! Mods, Extensions, Textures, Skins, you name it!

Master for Minecraft Pocket Edition

Create Unique Experiences

Stack up Mods and Texture Packs to create the greatest and coolest experiences, leaving all your friends jealous. There's millions of combinations that you can make with the hundreds and hundreds of Mods and Extensions we have available for free!

Greatest Mods

We have hand picked and tested the best mods available, ensuring the greatest experience for you!

Coolest Texture Packs

Texture Packs will turn the boring old blocky look into a amazing HD experience, or 8-bit retro one, if that's what you want.

Best Map Seeds

Tired of searching the best map seed for your adventure? Look no more, we have huge collection of hand picked map seeds fulfilling all your needs.

Best Features

There's no arguing, endless positive users all say so!

Tune Up Your Game

Looking for performance or quality improvements? Tune the game to your liking!

Tired of walking?

Get your dream car or plane, to move quicker and with more fun!

Increase Difficulty

Can you kill all the monsters with ease? Increase difficulty and enjoy new challenges!

Share the fun!

Invite your friends to share the ultimate experience of going through all the amazing content!

Tired of boring tasks?

Automate the building and mining with ease to bring your game to the next level!

Quick Building!

Build amazing houses fast from our big selection of buildings!


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We have professional team working on the application days out.

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The big boss, who gets to choose, what we do around here.

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Android Developer

Does all the Android related wizardy.

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Makes sure that the word gets spread around.

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Default Minecraft Character, Front End Developer

Creates all the beautiful sites we've got.

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